This is a Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Cycle (VARC) based on R134a/DMAC refrigerant. There are four basic heat exchanger surfaces: the evaporator, the absorber, the generator, and the condenser, in addition to a liquid-liquid heat exchanger. R134a–DMAC vapor absorption refrigeration system (VARS) needs a rectifier. Because of incomplete reaction, a small amount of DMAC is carried to the evaporator. ANN model has been used to simulate this cycle. Dynamic modeling is also allowed. User will be able to calculate the following:
2-Rectifier efficiency.
3-LVHX efficiency.
4-SHX efficiency.
5-Concentration ratio.
6-Mass flow rates.
7-Some design aspects.

8-Strong and weak flow rates.

9-Generator thermal power, kW

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