This model is about Concentrated Solar Tower (CST) for power generation by the use of Gas Turbine Cycle (GTC) with different working gases. The plant is designed for power generation and seawater desalination by the aid of Multi-Effect Distillation (MEDpf) combined with Reverse Osmosis (ROerd) with energy recovery devices (PEX). The desalination part has been connected to the intercooler via steam generator (SG) to supply the required steam for the 1st MED effect. Multi-Stage Flash Brine Recycle Distillation (MSF-BR) is attached to the final HEX to use the exhaust gases for additional desalination freshwater production. Users can assign the grid needed power. The load power from the user is mainly supplied from the GTC. User can obtain all design aspects such as:
1-Design aspects for GTC. 2-Energy and Exergy streams are calculated.
3-Working fluid mass flow rate through the cycle.
All cycles are prepared for dynamic and fixed-point modeling. All cycles are designed for electric power generation. Users can change the working fluid by assigning the specific heat capacity of the selected gas type. Users can switch between solar and gas-fired co