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In linear Fresnel systems, as with parabolic-trough collector systems, solar radiation is concentrated onto a line and can be coupled to steam cycles for electricity generation. These systems have been developed with the aim of attaining a simpler design and at less cost than the parabolic-trough systems. The collectors in a linear Fresnel system are made up of a large number of mirror segments that can individually follow the path of the sun. Unlike parabolic-trough collectors, the absorber tubes in the Fresnel systems are in a fixed position above the mirrors in the centre of the solar field and, therefore, do not move together with the mirrors as they follow the sun. The system can operate with oil, water or molten salts. Current designs use water directly in the receiver tubes at 50 bar pressure and 280oC. The current model is a design model so the user will be able to calculate the following:
1-Design area.
2-Thermal efficiency.
3-Exergy results.
4-Design aspects such as loops and mirrors.
5-Cost analysis.

6-Water working fluid is the main fluid. More working fluids can be added in request.

**Watch the tutorial video:


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.


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Linear Fresnel Collector: Design Model

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