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Our expert in innovative research directions in different fields of sustainable energy and water desalination. Thermal and Electrical power form Renewable energy are considered for Desalination technologies. Try to download our latest Matlab/SimuLink models. See our shop and begin to collect your results. Solar, Wind, Hydro, and geothermal power systems are modeled. REDS Software is prepared for you. 

/ Consultation

/ Modeling & Simulation
/ Operation Research
/ Research Projects
/ Research Programs

/ Software Packages for Renewable Desalination Systems
/ Technology Transfer
/ Lectures, Courses & Presentations
/ Training & Education

/ Projects Pre-calculations & Analyses

/ Helping & Guiding Post Graduate Students for PhD's & MSc's 

solar flat plate collector water heater system
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Our Partners:

Eco Marina Environmental Consultancy

Apply Environmental impact assessment studies and environmental services for all industrial, marine, touristic, and infrastructure activities.


  • To take up research projects in the area of the renewable energy.

  • To enhance the responsible user of energy and a promoter of clean energy.

  • To help new industries that caters to the market of the renewable energy.

  • Developing and organizing awareness and training programs in the potential use of renewable energy.

"Request your own design and we will create it"

"Request our advice and you will find us in rush"

"Learn with us how to create your sub system"

"Learn innovative skills for Renewable Desalination systems"

gas turbine cycle for reverse osmosis
ًWe Simulate the Future

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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