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About our work

The main objective of our work is to introduce the sufficient consultations in the field of sustainable energy and water desalination. We will also provide training in the area of sustainable energy and water desalination.


The aim of REDS is to further the scientific/technological development in all the major areas of renewable energy (Solar-Wind-Geothermal). In addition, the center strives to increase public awareness and eventually cater to the renewable energy industry. The general objectives of the center are:

  • To take up research projects in the area of renewable energy.

  • To enhance the responsible use of energy and a promoter of clean energy.

  • To help new industries that care to the market of renewable energy.

  • Developing and organizing awareness and training programs in the potential use of renewable energy.


This vision also provides the following services and activities:

  • Training, education, and support of young scientists are organized through its inclusion in actual research projects. Typically one applied research topic reflects a master or Ph.D. topic per junior researcher.

  • Technology Transfer and development in the area of geothermal, wind, and solar energy.

  • Helping nucleation of the manufacturing plants for geothermal, wind, and solar energy equipment with desalination.

  • Start improving the efficiency and productivity for competitive advantage by designing, simulating, and optimizing the useful ideas.

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