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Dr Mohamed A Sharaf is a specialist in modeling, design and simulation of renewable desalination systems. He has awarded his PhD in design and simulation of solar desalination systems. His master degree was in the field of manufacturing a small solar desalination unit (solar-MSF type).


He has awarded his B.Sc degree in mechanical engineering. Currently, he is a full time lecturer at the University of Suez-the College of Petroleum and Mining - Energy Engineering Department. He is also a member of the Board of Suez and Engineers Association official of the Cultural Committee. He is a permanent reviewer (Editorial Board Member) of Modern Applied Science Journal-Canadian Center of Science and Education, and editorial board member of Insight-Energy Science Journal, Singapore. He is an editorial board member of Journal of Management Science & Engineering Research.


He also participated in several international projects with the European Union in the field of solar energy and water desalination. Moreover; he has many of the research papers in the field of solar desalination. He has awarded a top reviewer certificate in 2011 and 2012 from Desalination Journal. He is the creator of REDS software package.

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