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REDS Library Shop:

REDS is a modeling library that enables the user or the Designer to model and simulate Renewable desalination systems. Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and Hydro are constructed in library beside different desalination processes. SimuLink-MatLab code is used.

Request your model:

Draw your imaginary model. Send it to us. We will construct it for you. Just try it.


We will guide you for your post graduate studies. We will learn you how to publish your scientific work in impact factor Journals.



​Industrial sector:

We can help investors, designers, engineers to establish their industrial work and projects.

REDS Software Channel:

REDS software channel is about tutorials and videos related to how to use, edit and deal with our simulink models. 

REDS Channel Broadcast:

REDS channel broadcast is about all world wide videos related to latest technologies and interests.  

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Our Partners:

Eco Marina Environmental Consultancy

Apply Environmental impact assessment studies and environmental services for all industrial, marine, touristic, and infrastructure activities.


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Solar radiation model under MatLab-SimuLink environment.

only 100MR 

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