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Scientific Projects

STDF Egypt Project

A Novel Solar Driven Mechanical Vapor Compression Desalination with Nano Filtration Pretreatment

-Funding: 3000 kL.E

-Egypt – Japan University of Science & Technology (E-JUST)

-Project PI: Prof. Dr. Hassan El-Banna S. Fath

-Role: Partner (Consultation)


POWERSOL project “Mechanical POWER generation based on Solar heat engines” (FP6-INCO2004-MPC3, 032344).

-Funding: 1.050.000,00 €, European Commission.

-Program: International Cooperation Activities, INCO. 1/01/2007- 31/12/2009.

-Administrative coordinator: Julián Blanco Gálvez (CIEMAT, Spain).

-Scientific coordinator: Lourdes García Rodríguez (University of Sevilla, Spain).

-Role: Partner co-PI, Suez Univ.

MATS Project

MATS Project “Multipurpose Applications by Thermodynamic Solar” via EC (FP7- Project N° 268219).

-FP7-ENERGY-2010-2-ENERGY CALL PART 2 Topic 2.9-1 Demonstration of innovating multipurpose solar plants.

-Role: Partner co-PI, Suez Univ.

ESIP Project

ESIP Project “Egiptian-Spanish Innovation Programme” 2017-STDF.

-Role: Consultant.

NPRP Project

NPRP Project “Development of Solar Driven Adsorption Water Desalination/Cooling System Using Advanced Metal Organic Framework Material” 2017.

-Budget: 692,465 USD.

-Submitting institution: Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI).

-Role: Consultant-Post Doctor.


. POWERSUN project “Power Generation from the Sun: Design, Fabrication and Applications of Combined Solar Heat Power System- ID 1372” project with University of Ain Shams via STDF organization (2010-2012).

-Funding: 1.844.240,00 EGP, Science and Technology Development Fund-STDF (Egypt).

-Administrative coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sabry Abdel-Mottaleb [PI].

-Period: Two years.

-Role: Partner PI-manager, Suez Univ.

RDI Project

RDI Project with Alexandria University “Innovative Renewable Energy (RE) Driven-MSF System with Salts Precipitator and Nano-Filtration (NF) Feed Pre-treatment (RE-NF-MSF)”.

-Administrative coordinator: Prof Medhat Serour (Alexandria, Egypt)

-Scientific coordinator: Prod Dr Hassan Fath (Masdar Institute, UAE).

-Period: Three years.

-Role: Partner PI-manager, Suez Univ.


Low grade heat recovery for absorption chiller and desalination from concentrated solar powered steam power plants in Egypt

the project is funded by (Science and Technology Development Fund) STDF in collaboration with British Council (Newton-Mosharafa Projects Call4)   under grant no. 268219.

-24 months

-Total Value of Grant Requested:298090 GBP

-Role: Consultant

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