This is a performance model of the Air Gap Membrane Distillation (AGMD). Membrane distillation (MD) is a thermally driven separation program in which separation is enabled due to phase change. A hydrophobic membrane displays a barrier for the liquid phase, allowing the vapor phase (e.g. water vapor) to pass through the membrane's pores. 
The driving force of the process is given by a partial vapor pressure difference commonly triggered by a temperature difference. In air-gap MD, the evaporator channel resembles that in DCMD, whereas the permeate gap lies between the membrane and a cooled walling and is filled with air. The vapor passing through the membrane must additionally overcome this air gap before condensing on the cooler surface. The advantage of this method is the high thermal insulation towards the condenser channel, thus minimizing heat conduction losses. The user has to assign the power inlet and temperature in order to get all performance results such as the number of pores, efficiency, flux, mass transfer, GOR, etc...


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.


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Air Gap Membrane Distillation: Performance Model