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Air-powered engine (APE) is one of the promising low emission engines, with the advantages of its simple structure and complete zero-pollution.The high-pressure air injects into the cylinder of the APE via the intake valve and expands in it to push the piston to move in the intake stroke. The pressure of the air is converted into a rotary mechanical force that can be used to propel the vehicle in this process. Meanwhile the air pressure becomes low and is discharged in the following exhaust stroke.This is a pneumatic air engine supply based on thermodynamic modeling. User can run the model in fixed point or time domain. The following outouts can be withdraw from the model:
1-Output power, W.
2-dP, bar.
3-Engine efficiency, %.
4-Torque, N.m.


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.


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Air Power Engine: Performance Model

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