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This model is about desalination via heating and condensation processes. The 1st process is considered a heating via constant pressure process. And, the 2nd process is considered condensation under constant pressure. An electric heater is used to raise the temperature inside the generator tank (Brine Pool). Saline water flow rate is used to pass through the steam generator tank. The heater would raise the energy, temperature, and pressure from saturated liquid up to saturated vapor. The steam then will pass through the tube coil which is projected to an air fan cooler. It is expected to condensate inside the tube in which the freshwater to be collected in the final tank. The system contains the following:
1-Saline pool with electric heater (P=const).
2-Condenser coil with air cooler (P=const).
Properties of water have been presented in an excel sheet.


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.


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Desalination Process via Heating & Condensation

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