Solar absorption cycles for air conditioning systems have recently attracted a huge attention. It has some important advantages which aid to reduce the greenhouse emissions. In this work, design and thermo-economic analyses are presented in order to compare between different types of solar absorption systems. Generally, the system containing three major parts. The first part is solar field for thermal power conversion. The second part is the intermediate cycle which contains flashing tank and pumping system. The third part is the absorption cycle. For solar part, two different types (parabolic trough and evacuated tube collectors) have been compared. For the third part, H2O-LiBr and NH3-H2O have been compared to each other  under the same operating conditions. A case study for a sport arena with 700~1000kW total cooling load is also presented. 
The download folder contains the following:
2-Four models related to ETC-H2O-LiBr, ETC-NH3-H2O, PTC-H2O-LiBr, PTC-NH3-H2O
3-All figures are in png and matlab extension too.


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.

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