This is a performance model about Flat Plate Solar Collector Network in the assistance of the Solar Still Desalination Process. User can select between series or parallel connection
(Network type) to measure the system performance parameters. In this Flat Plate Solar Collector performance model, the user will be able to discover the performance parameters such as efficiency, fin efficiency, outlet temperature, etc. The following parameters can be calculated:
1-Mean plate temperature.
2-FPC total area.
3-Overall losses.
5-exergy analysis.
The available models are:
1-single FPC.
2-series FPC (1 x 2). (User can increase the model in series by copying the FPC block).
3-parallel FPC (2 x 1).(User can increase the model in parallel by copying the FPC block).
4-network FPC (3 x 2).(User can reform the network).

For the solar still distillation by the use of the baffles, the User can calculate the still performance based on some general parameters. Area and design limits are considered
known. User will be able to calculate the following:
1-Temperatures, oC.
2-Heat trans