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The multiple-effect diffusion still consists of a multiple plate arrangement in which a number of plates are arranged parallel to each other with a narrow gap between the plates. One side of each of the plates is covered with porous wick cloth. Heat is supplied to one side of the multiple plate arrangement and feed water is fed continuously to each of the wick sides of the plates. As heat is supplied to the first plate, water vapors generate from the wick side of the first plate, diffuse through the air gap between the plates, and condense on the uncovered surface of the second plate. The latent heat released by condensing vapors conducts through the plate and further evaporates the water from the wick side of the second plate. In this way, the heat energy received by the first plate can be recycled several times to increase the productivity of the still. The cloth is extended into the feed water channel along the upper edge of each plate. Subsequent wetting of cloth-covered surface takes place through soaking and spreading through capillary action. Excess feed water was collected at bottom of the plates and taken out of the still. 


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.


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Multi Effect Vertical Still: Performance Model

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