In this model, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) toolbox has been used to predict the power degradation of the photovoltaic system. Four types have been examined along a very long span of time (11 years=10400000 points). The data are obtained based on four different locations. The four types are:
1-BP Solar, Poly-Si (Rated Power (DC) 4950 W).
2-BP Solar, Mono-Si (Rated Power (DC) 5100 W).
3-Sungrid, Mono-Si (Rated Power (DC) 5040 W).
4-Sungrid, Poly-Si (Rated Power (DC) 5040 W).
The user can enter the following data to get the results:
1-Day number.
2-Month number.
3-Operational years.
4-Current time.
5-Ambient temperature.
6-Solar radiation.

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**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.

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