This package is containing different types of Solar refrigeration Air Conditioning cycles. User can work on all types as an individual models. Save more than 35% + 2 Free models by downloading this package. The models are:
1.Solar FPC Adsorption Air Conditiong (SAAC)
2.Solar FPC Adsorption Refrigeration Cycle (SARC)
3.Solar PTC/Flash Ammonia Water Refrigeration Cycle
4.Solar ETC/Flash Absorption (H2O-LiBr) Air-Conditioning
5.Solar PTC/Flash Absorption (H2O-LiBr) Air-Conditioning (Free gift)
6.Solar PTC/Flash Absorption (H2O-LiBr) Refrigeration Cycle
7.Solar PV Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle
8.Evaporative Air Conditioning (Free gift)
9.Solar ETC-Flash Ammonia Water Refrigeration Cycle

All thermophysical properties are included in excell sheet for each working fluid been used.


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.


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