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This model is about a solar energy tower or solar chimney power plant in performance modeling technique. It also named a solar updraft tower (SUT) which is a design concept for a renewable-energy power plant for generating electricity from low-temperature solar heat. Sunshine heats the air beneath a very wide greenhouse-like roofed collector structure surrounding the central base of a very tall chimney tower. The resulting convection causes a hot air updraft in the tower by the chimney effect. This airflow drives wind turbines, placed in the chimney updraft or around the chimney base, to produce electricity. Users can change the material to measure the effect on the losses and power. The model calculates the performance aspects such as:
1-Energy streams.
2-The developed power.
3-Heat transfer.
4-Energy losses.
The user has to assign the power and some operating conditions such as solar radiation, wind speed, and ambient temperature.

**Watch the tutorial video:


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.


Copyright © 2007 by Mohamed A. Sharaf Eldean Ayoub
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Solar Chimney Power Plant: Performance Model

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  • User can reform the model based on his need. Dynamic modeling is allowed.

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