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Solar ETC Adsorption Cycle for chilled water cooling system is presented in this model. SAPO34 material has been used in this model. The crystal structure of SAPO-34 ((SiO2)x(Al2O3)y(P2O5)z)‚ a micropore zeolite‚ is similar to that of chabazite and has the special water-absorbing capacity and bronsted acidity. This can be used as an adsorbent‚ catalyst and catalyst support in applications with low carbon olefin transfer‚ auto gas purification‚ MTO reactions‚ etc. Water has been used as the main refrigerant throughout the cycle. The cycle contains the following:
1-Evaporator (water).
2-Bed reactor tank (SilicaGel/water).
3-Condenser (water vapor).
5-Expansion valve.
The model is a performance model that can measure the effect of operating conditions on the system efficiency or the COP. This is also a performance model about Evacuated Tube Solar Collector (ETSC) In this Evacuated tube Solar Collector (ETC) performance model, the user will be able to discover the effect of the operating conditions (solar radiation, ambient temperature, feed flow rate, inlet temperature, etc... ) on the performance of the ETC. The system's total area and design aspects will be kept known for that purpose. The following parameters can be calculated:
2-Overall losses.
3-Pressure losses.
4-Outlet temperature.
5-Exergy analysis.


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.


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Solar ETC/Adsorption Chiller with SAPO34-H2O: Performance Model

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