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This cycle is about solar flashing thermal power for absorption refrigeration cycles. Two main absorption cycles are attached to the solar part (Solar Evacuated Tube). The Absorption cycles are:
Users can switch between both cycles. The solar part is constructed based on an evacuated tube collector (ETC) with water working fluid. The Flash cyclone tank is working as a steam generator unit. Generally, the absorption cycle contains a generator, condenser, evaporator, and absorber. The model is constructed based on design considerations in order to calculate some issues such as:
2-Thermal loads.
3-Mass flow rates.
5-Cost analysis.
6-Exergy analysis.
The cycle is modified to calculate the air conditioning mass flow rate based on the loads. Fan power is also calculated. Users can control the inlet and outlet air conditions based on their design limits. Thermophysical properties tables are provided as an excel sheet or model.

**Tutorial video:


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.


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Solar Evacuated Tube Collector/Flashing for Absorption H2O/LiBr/NH3 Cycles

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