Solar Linear Fresnel Collector (LFC) plant with (Single Flash Cyclone) is operated in oreder to power on the Multi Stage Flash desalination plant. User can assign the total plant produvtivity. No power generation developed through this model. Its operated for only desalination. The plant consists of:
1.LFC water steam working fluid.
2.Pumping unit.
3.Flashing tank.
5.Cost analysis.

MSF-BR desalination plant. User should assign the following:
1-Sea water temperature oC.
2-Top brine temperature oC.
3-Brine blowdown temperature oC.
4-Feed seawter 1st splitter ratio.
5-Seawater and brine blowdown salinity ratios kg/kg.
6-Number of stages.
7-Tubes diameter for each section m.
8-Pumps efficiency 0.00. 

Dynamic model is considered as V2 file. User can set the simulation time as "inf" a