This model is designed to calculate the power electricity and design limits for a specified MEDbf capacities operated by Solar Organic Rankine cycle (SORC). The system consists of PTC solar field, boiler heat evaporator, pump unit and Therminol-VP1 heat transfer oil (HTO). Rankine cycle consist of Turbine, 1st MEDbf effect for heat rejection, pump unit, and Toluene working fluid for power generation. MEDbf to desalinate the seawater based on the exhausted heat from turbine unit. Solar field would harvest a suitable energy gain from the sun then transferring the huge heat from HTO to the boiler evaporator (Toluene). Dry saturated steam (Toluene) would power on the turbine unit generating the electricity. The rest of the steam (superheat) will reject its heat via thermal transfer to the MEDbf and pumped again (saturated liquid-Toluene) to the evaporator then turbine unit. Thermophysical, energy, exergy, cost, and thermoeconomic streams are calculated.

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