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Mechanical vapor-compression desalination process (MVC) is the most attractive and valuable among different single stage desalination processes. The MVC system is compact, confined, and does not require external heating source, which is opposite to thermal, absorption, or adsorption vapor compression. The system is driven by electric power; therefore, it is suitable for remote population areas with access to power grid lines. Another advantage of the MVC system is the absence of the down condenser and the cooling water requirements.

In this sub-blocks:1. User has the ability to control or specify the environmental conditions such as solar radiation (Is=W/m2).2. Solar radiation signal colored with orange.3. Solar ORC is used to desalinate seawater by the aid of mED-PF-MVC configuration.4. Thermophysical streams, energy, exergy, cost, and thermoeconomics are calculated.5. User can reform the model based on his need.

Inputs for a case study example [Nafey & Mabrouk Desalination 230 (2008) 1–15]:
Ambient temperature=20oCProductivity=1500m3/dDay number=21PTC Collector high tempertaure=350oCTurbine inlet condition=300oCTop steam temperature=71oCSeawater temperature=25oCLast effect brine temperature=60oCSeawater salinity=42g/kgLast effect blow-down salinity=70g/kgNo. of effects=2Compressor efficiency=75%Compressor addiabatic index=1.32

**MatLab-SimuLink 64bit should be used to run the model.

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Solar ORC for MED-PF-MVC Desalination & Power Generation

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  • Solar ORC thermal power is used to desalinate seawater and to generate power. Therminol-VP1 HTO is used for PTC field. Toluene is used for turbine unit.

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