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Solar Organic Rankine Cycle is used for Multi Stage Flash desalination process.

In this sub-blocks:

1. User has the ability to control or specify the environmental conditions such as solar radiation (Is=W/m2).

2. Solar radiation signal colored with orange.

3. Solar ORC is used to generate thermal power for the turbine unit and MSF-BR.The productivity by the MSF-BR would calculate the power load on the Turbine.

4. Physical properties, energy, exergy, cost, and thermoeconomic analyses are calculated.

5. Design parameters are calculated such as areas, flow rates, length, etc. Inputs for a case study example [Nafey & Mabrouk Desalination 194 (2006) 281–296]:Ambient temperature=20oC, Productivity=5000m3/day, Day number=21, PTC Collector high tempertaure=350oC, Turbine inlet condition=300oC, Top brine temperature=110oC, Seawater temperature=27oC, Last stage brine temperature=40oC, Seawater salinity=48.62g/kg, Last stage blow-down salinity=70.9g/kg, No. of stages=20 (17/3)


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**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.

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Solar ORC for Multi Stage Flash Desalination & Power Generation

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  • Solar thermal power from PTC field is used to power on ORC via HTO and Toluene. The exhausted steam from turbine unit would power on thermally the MSF-BR desalination plant.

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