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A solar pond is a pool of saltwater that collects and stores solar thermal energy. The saltwater naturally forms a vertical salinity gradient also known as a "halocline", in which low-salinity water floats on top of high-salinity water. The layers of salt solutions increase in concentration (and therefore density) with depth. Below a certain depth, the solution has a uniformly high salt concentration. In this model, the user will be able to assign the location of the solar pond to calculate the solar radiation data related to that location. Users can choose between many famous solar radiation models and can collect monthly average, daily average, total, solar angles, and instant W/m2, etc... Based on the calculation of the solar radiation model, the user will be able to calculate the solar pond area, cost, etc... User will be able to obtain the following results:
1-Solar radiation angles.
2-Global, Hourly, Monthly average solar flux.
3-Instant, beam, diffuse, solar radiation, W/m2.
4-Flux entering the water pond, W/m2.
5-Solar flux at various depths, W/m2.
6-Solar pond area, m2.
7-Cost analysis.


**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.


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Solar Pond: Design Model

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