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This is a general design model for solar still distillation. User can calculate the needed area based on some general parameters. Solar still area based on still productivity Pst kg/, daily solar radiation Hs MJ/, ambient temperature oC, mean wind velocity km/h. 
User will be able to calculate the following:
1-Productivity, kg/
2-Still area, m2
3-Glass area, m2
4-Energy to the enviornment
5-Glass cover temperature
6-Insulation thickness
7-Glass cover tilt angle
8-Basin depth in cm
9-Solar radiation analysis
10-Cost analysis

11-Evaporation exergy & Total exergydestruction

Solar Radiation Model is very important for the engineering science technology. User can easily recognize how much solar radiation flux hit the location of operation. User can choose between many famous models and can collect monthly average, daily average, total, and instant W/m2.


**Watch the video via this link:

**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.

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Solar Still Model: Design Model

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  • User can reform the model based on his need. The model can be run in dynamic mode.

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