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In this model, refinery waste gases are utilized as a main source of fuel in order to power on thermal desalination processes (MSF/MED). The plant consists of the following:

1-Waste gases source,

2-Steam generator,

3-Brine heater,


5-Flash tank,


7-Accumulative tank,


9-ORC for power generation.
In this sub-Model:

1.User should specify the ambient temperature in degree Celsius.

2.Also plant productivity should be specified (Md, m3/day).

3.Inlet turbine temperature, oC (Dry saturated).

4.Condensed temperature in the MED 1st effect, oC.

5.Inlet steam temperature for the ORC-Toluene, oC.

6.Condensed steam temperature for the ORC-Toluene, oC

** Watch the video via:

**MatLab-SimuLink should be used to run the model.
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Waste Gases for Thermal MSF/MED-ORC Desalination Plant

  • Thermal waste gases from oil refinery plant are used to power on MSF/MED desalination plant and to generate electric power via ORC cycle.

  • User can reform the model based on his need.

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